Black Vendetta


Black Vendetta (aka Nathan Virica) is a one-man band whose skilful embracing of music from the past creates music with a towering future.

Soaring solo gives creative freedom but also presents challenges. Sometimes these can make the production of music an intense experience. Nathan uses emotional pits and logistical landfills to rise above the musically mundane.

 If Black Vendetta impress you at the start of the song, just wait until the end.

Fred asked him where his muscular, soulful sound comes from.

     Black Vendetta

I’d say it comes from actually having something about me. A lot of people really haven’t got anything interesting to say but I feel as though there is something for me to say that people are going to want to hear. Sometimes that is a burden as it tends to mean you’re not always the happiest person alive but hey, it’s the way it is.

You like to use guest vocalists. Who would you love to collaborate with?

Black Vendetta

Instinctively I’d say Noel Gallagher but typically female voices sound better on my records so maybe a Katy Perry or someone like that. One can dream eh?


Without mentioning any names and defaming people, can you tell us a little bit more about your experience with a certain soap opera actor from the north of England?

 Black Vendetta

Well I don’t know if you could call it an “experience” as such but the time that sticks out in my mind is at the local chippy. He was at the front of the queue and, for one reason or another he had a face like a slapped arse! The fish and chips there are amazing so nothing to frown about! The true irony is that he plays a comedy character in the soap he’s in. Not that I watch it of course, it’s shit.

It’s a good job you’re now in London and the music is good, less chance of meeting him again. Unless you gatecrash the National Soap Awards.

Which venue would you most like to play at? How would you feel if you woke up and you were playing in the Moko Lounge in Harrogate?

Black Vendetta

I think I’ll aim modestly and say Wembley Stadium. Thankfully I don’t think Moko Lounge do live music. If by some cruel twist of fate it was indeed to happen though I’d have to try and get out of there after the gig without getting a load of cheap fake tan smeared all over my face.

 How has being down in London been better for your creativity?

Black Vendetta

I’m not sure it really has been better creatively but it’s been better in terms of getting my music out there. If anything, I suppose it’s made me up my game as there is a lot more competition in the big smoke.

There’s something very visual about your music.. are you inspired by landscapes, films or are your emotions your only landscape?


Black Vendetta

All sorts. Probably all three in some way I’d say.

Your music displays many influences. What are your musical guilty pleasures?

Black Vendetta

Guilty pleasures? Hmm I have to say I’m quite partial to Lady Gaga. Also I have a habit of drunkenly Youtubing Welcome Home by Peters and Lee and listening to that quite often!

 Who do you wish were headlining Glastonbury this year (or are you happy that it’s The Rolling Stones)?

Black Vendetta  I’ve never really been that partial to the stones. They’re OK but not really a band I get all that excited about. A reforming Oasis would be ideal but I have my doubts that that’s going to happen any time soon.

Black Vendetta

Are you looking to assemble a band any time soon?

Black Vendetta

 I’d do it immediately and would have already done it if it wasn’t such a colossal pain in the arse. If anything is ever going to hold you back when pursuing a music career it’s an egomaniac of a singer, a vacuous moron of a bassist and a heroin addict on the drums.

 Are there ever Black Vendettas in your head?

Black Vendetta

 Most definitely!

 Well as far as we’re concerned – no emotional turmoil, no great music!






All of the lovely Model Mayhem members I’ve been lucky enough to work with over the years, in alphabetical order.  An asterisk  denotes multiple bookings.

Mayhemites I Have Worked With:

Amiki Hair And Make Up(Make Up Artist MM#3010353)

A N D E R S O N (Photographer MM#44437)

Andrey B(Make Up Artist MM#1010659)

 Andriana Henry Hair (Hair Stylist MM#1633427)

 Andy Reaser (Photographer MM#2347429)

 Angela B. Hall(Make Up Artist MM#2267963)

 Angie Lum (Make Up Artist MM#1640374)*

 Alin Photography (Photographer MM#1953728)

 Allie Smith Make Up (Make Up Artist MM#838411)

 Altered Aesthetic (Photographer MM#216633)

 ARS Make Up Artistry(Make Up Artist MM#2787517)

 Ashley Gannon (Make Up Artist MM#1731839/Hair Stylist MM#1735498)

 Barksdale (Clothing Designer MM#1704852)

 Bean Styling (Hair Stylist MM#1303284)

 Beatbox Jeebus (Photographer MM#572812)

 BeautifulchaosII (Photographer MM#2303930)

 Bek Ruszin (Photographer MM#1836483)

 Bella Bombshells (Photographer MM# 2415647)

 Berit New York (Clothing Designer MM#842309)*

 Bitty Fotos(Photographer MM#577914)

 Blooms In The Night (Clothing Designer MM#1496234)

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